Bridge Business College (called ‘Bridge’ or ‘BBC’) was established in 1991 as a privately owned Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  The college initially worked with government employment agencies delivering training to the unemployed. Bridge then developed a program for international students.

Bridge has built a strong reputation for providing excellent service to students and for being a unique college.

Bridge is located in the heart of Sydney at 333 Kent Street and occupies 5 floors.  Our modern premises are spacious and comfortable and only meters away from Darling Harbour, one of Sydney’s premier tourist attractions.

Course list:
- English
- Business
- Human Resources Management
- Marketing
- Accounting
- Travel and Tourism
English for General Purposes
1 - 4 weeks $250 per week
5 - 12 weeks $220 per week
13 - 23 weeks $200 per week
24 weeks or more $180 per week
English package with Diploma $170 per week

Diploma course

Tuition fee calculates for every 3 months, approximately $1,300 - $1,400.
*Prices are subject to change depend on:
- Student's nationality
- Length of study
- Current promotion.
** All prices based on Australian dollar.

Please visit school website at  www.bridgebc.edu.au

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