Today, Holmes Institute operates as an integrated multi-sector private provider of education. The institute consist of a faculty of Vocational Education and Training, a faculty of Higher Education, a School of Secondary Education and an English Language Centre.

Holmes Institute operates from campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns and Hong Kong, offering a range of awards from the vocational level through to masters' degrees in business administration and accounting. As a multi-sector provider, Holmes Institute is well positioned as an alternative pathway to higher education.

Course list:
Diploma course
- Management
- Accounting
- Hospitality
- Commercial Cookery
- Patisserie
- Information Technology
Bachelor course
- Bachelor of Business
- Bachelor of Professional Accounting
- Bachelor of Fashion & Business
- Bachelor of Information Systems
Master course
- Graduate Diploma in Business
- Master of Business Administration
- Master of Professional Accounting
Course price
Course name  
Diploma of Accounting / IT 40 weeks $12,500
Diploma of Hospitality 74 weeks $25,500
Diploma of Management 20 weeks $6,250
Bachelor of Business  $8,500 per semester $51,000
Bachelor of Professional Accounting  $8,500 per semester $51,000
Graduate Diploma in Business  $8,900 per semester $17,800
Master of Business Administration  $8,900 per semester $26,700
Master of Professional Accounting  $8,900 per semester $26,700
Graduate Diploma of Project Management
*Prices are subject to change depend on:
- Student's nationality
- Length of study
- Current promotion.
** All prices based on Australian dollar.
Please visit school website at  http://www.holmes.edu.au


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