Welcome to Greenwich English College, one of Australia’s largest and most respected English colleges. We understand that all students have different goals for their language learning, and we will work with you to customise a personalised study plan to ensure you reach your targets in the quickest time possible.

Greenwich offers high quality English language training for academic purposes, test preparation, leisure, and travel.

With over 10 years of experience in teaching over 20,000 students, we understand the needs and challenges of students learning English. We cater to those exact needs through our highly adaptive and ‘one-step-ahead’ curriculum development and delivery.

We pride ourselves on delivering award winning, engaging, and effective English language courses that continue to create the world’s English speaking leaders of the future.

This school is located both in Sydney & Melbourne.

Course list:
- General English
- Key English Test
- IELTS Test Preparation
- English for Academic purpose
- Cambridge Test Preparation (FCE & CAE)
Morning class $230 per week [full price $395 per week] 
Special promotion Enroll 11 weeks, ger free 1 week  
General English
Study 24 weeks       $5,060
Study 40 weeks       $8,510    

Evening class $220 per week [full price $335 per week]
Study 24 weeks       $5,280 
Study 40 weeks       $8,800
*Prices are subject to change depend on:
- Student's nationality
- Length of study
- Current promotion.

** All prices based on Australian dollar.

Please visit school website at  www.greenwichcollege.com.au

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