MIT Institute has many teachers that come from many countries, and they have good experience in teaching English. Also our students come from all over the world, so we have a good diverse nationality mix.

MIT Institute is conveniently located near Sydney's Town Hall right in the heart of the central business district. It can be easily reached by public transport.

Course list:
- General English
- IELTS Test Preparation
- English for Academic purpose
- Cambridge Test Preparation (FCE & CAE)

Morning/ Evening class have same price $170 per week [full price $250]
General English
Study 24 weeks       $4,080
Study 40 weeks       $6,800
*Prices are subject to change depend on:
- Student's nationality
- Length of study
- Current promotion.
** All prices based on Australian dollar.
Please visit school website at  www.mitinstitute.nsw.edu.au







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