ELC boasts one of the best nationality mixes in Australia with students from around 35 different countries attending the school at one time and 50 countries throughout the year.
This great mix ensures that students will have to speak English all day to communicate and make friends and also ensures a fantastic cross-cultural experience.

This modern school is right in the heart of Sydney, close to Darling Harbour and Sydney’s major transport, tourist, shopping and entertainment districts.

Course lists:
- Intensive General English
- Semi Intensive General English
- Premium English
- IELTS Exam Preparation
- Business English
- Academic English
- Intensive Academic English
- Cambridge Test Preparation (FCE & CAE)

Morning class $240 per week  Special promotion Enroll 22 weeks, get free 2 weeks
General English
Study 24 weeks       $5,280
Study 40 weeks       $8,800

Evening class $210 per week
Study 24 weeks       $5,040
Study 40 weeks       $8,000
*Prices are subject to change depend on:
- Student's nationality
- Length of study
- Current promotion.
** All prices based on Australian dollar.
Please visit school website at  www.elc.edu.au
Example of timetable for morning vlass


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